Completed Research Projects

Roadside Safety Analysis Program Update
This project was sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program as Project 22-27.  The purpose is to update and re-code the RSAP program used for roadside safety benefit-cost analysis.
Update to A Guide to Standardized Highway Lighting Pole Hardware
The purpose of this project was to update the content of the AASHTO-ARTBA-AGC Task Force 13 Luminaire Guide and to put the guide on-line as a searchable database of crash tested luminaire designs. 
Recommended Procedures for Verification and validation of Computer Simulations used for Roadside Safety Applications (NCHRP 22-24)
This project developed procedures for validation and verification of computer simulations used to replicate vehicle crash tests for roadside hardware design and evaluation.  The RSVVP software was developed to assist in the assessment and the guidelines are provided in NCHRP W179.
Evaluation of the Existing Guardrail on the TRC Test Track
The objective of this project is to examine the likely performance of the guardrail installed on the TRC test track in the 1970ís and determine if it is adequate for future anticipated use.
Recommended Guidelines for the Selection of Test Levels 2 through 5 Bridge Railings (NCHRP 22-12(03))
The objective of this project is to develop recommended guidelines for the selection of Test Levels 2 through 5 bridge rails considering in-service performance and benefit-cost analysis.
Development Of A Strategic Plan For TCRS - NCHRP 20-7(360)
The objective of this research is to develop a strategic plan for TCRS that guides the technical committee activities in its role as the focal point for roadside safety policies and guidance.
Criteria for Restoration of Longitudinal Barriers -- Phase II (NCHRP 22-28)
The objective of this project is to develop a field guide to assist highway agencies in deciding when guardrails need to be repaired based on the observed damage.